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Doctrines of the Tau Gamma Phi

Synopsis of Tau Gamma Phi Doctrines: Tau Gamma Phi's Doctrines revolves in the pursuit of Excellence in your field whether you are a student, a working person, a professional, an OFW, a parent, a wife, or somebody looking for a direction in your life. To achieve this goal, Tau Gamma Phi emphasizes education. There are other principles that Tau Gamma Phi preaches. They are basic filipino values like hard work, cammaraderie, smart finance, the preservation of a strong family, mental and physical strenght. It also spouses discipline, planning, professionalism, practical principles and some common sense to achieve objectives.


Definition of a Triskelion

The Tau Gamma Principles/ The Tau Gamma Way of Life/ The Inner Fortis by r. zamora

How to start a Triskelion Small Business by roland

Official Triskelion Prayer (as approved and adopted by the Tau Gamma National Executive Council)

A Tau Gamma Prayer by: r, zamora

The Tau Gamma Phi Leadership Principles by Brod Tito Venida, Founding Father, Tau Gamma Phi

The Twelve Great Reasons to join the Tau Gamma Phi by roland z.

Tau Gamma Phi Oath of Allegiance adopted from the Filipino People; Panatang Makabayan according to roland

The Qualities of a Good Triskelion by the Tau Gamma Coordinating Council according to roland

The Tau Gamma Phi Dress Codes

More about the Tau Gamma Phi

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Definition of a Triskelion

A Triskelion is the conglomeration of the Three Dynamic Forces of the Universe; namely:

Fortis, Voluntas, Fraternitas

Fortis is the inner and outer strenght. The inner strenght or Inner Fortis is composed of the Tau Gamma Principles which is the source of power of every Triskelion. The outer strenght or the outer Fortis is the physical strenght as everyone commonly knows.

Voluntas is Free Will.

Fraternitas is Brotherhood.

The Tau Gamma Phi Tenets and Codes of Conduct

Secret and intentionally left blank.



The Tau Gamma Phi Initiation and Graduation Song

( in the tune of Silayan) form a circle and put your arms on the brods beside you.




last part: Congratualtions!!! Welcome to Tau Gamma phi!!!

Then sing: "We're drunk last night, were drunk the night before, we're gonna be drunk tonight lke we've never been drunk before. Cause when were drunk, we're happy as can be, as we are members of the Tau Gamma Phi. The best fraternity" (sing to the top of your voices)


The Tau Gamma Principles / The Tau Gamma Way of Life/ The Inner Fortis according to r. zamora

We, as members of the Triskelion’s Grand Fraternity otherwise known as the Tau Gamma Phi, in our pursuit of tranquility, fulfillment of our hopes and aspirations, and profession of our unity should--- in addition to our Tenets and Codes of Conduct----- live by these principles:

Principle I: Self sacrifice. A Triskelion shall put the well being of other Triskelions before his.

Explanation: Explains itself. But in addition, if you join Tau Gamma, be prepared to give time, effort and money for free. Expect nothing in return.

Principle II: A Triskelion means love of God and Country.

Explanation: When you excel, you become a reflection of the Supreme Being. When you excel, it is for the betterment of the Philippines, it’s people, the Filipino people. Kapatirang Makabayan.

Principle III : Education. A Triskelion sees education as the currency to success. Knowledge is power.

Explanation: Means go to school, get an education. Education includes trade, vocational, college. The more educated you become the more oppurtunities you have, the more influential you become.

Principle IV: Triskelion despises a drug dealer, the ultimate criminal of society.

Explanation: Drugs is the poison of society. It destroys the future of the Philippines. A Triskelion is drug free.

Principle V: The Focused Mind: A Triskelion knows what he wants and gets what he wants.

Explanation: Means a Triskelion is goal oriented. He sets his mind on his goal and puts a 100% effort to achieve that goal. Finish what you started. Multi-tasking. Attention to detail.

Principle VI: Finances. A Triskelion is shrewd in money but is honest. He is calculating in business, property, occupation, money with respect to other people. He is the excellent money manager.

Explanation: Means a Triskelion is a wise investor and a good businessman. He’s a hustler with regards to money. He maintains good accounting records so he knows where he stands financially. With his principles, he is the person holding the money. In addition to this, a Triskelion--- being a hardwork and with his burning desire for excellence--- he ends up being the manager, the supervisor, the business owner, the landlord, the topnochter, the scholar, the professional, the decision maker. And if you want something done, go to him.

Principle VII: A Triskelion shall voluntarily remit what he/she can afford to his Tau Gamma Phi Chapter Treasury.

Explanation: The Tau Gamma Chapter after the individual Triskelion is the basic unit of the fraternity. All organizations need money to maintain it’s administrative functions, finance it’s projects, give support to other Triskelions.

Principle VIII : Pain. A Triskelion can endure excessive physical pain. It’s his mind over his physical body.
Explanation: Literally means what it says. He applies this principle to his work, study, profession. It's the extra mile that he can put in despite the pain.

Principle IX: A Triskelion is a family man. He takes care of his family.

Explanation: Means a Triskelion provides food, housing and education to his family. It also means providing love to his family like dating his partner in life, taking her out to movies, taking kids to basketball, etc.These things doesn't necessarily mean fancy meals or extravagant outings. It is spending quality time to your family. It's what you put rather than what you receive from your family that is important. Tau Gamma Phi is an advocate in strenghtening the filipino family.

For a young Triskelion, that means respecting your parents like being polite to them, helping in the house, do your homework. Go get a job if you are a stand-by.

Principle X: Physical Fitness: A Triskelion takes care of his physical body and his looks.

Explanation: Means we must not be fat so we can avoid diabetes, high blood, heart attacks. A Triskelion ideal body is that like of Arnold Swazenhager. As for Looks dapat laging nag-papa-pogi(make one’s self handsome). Follow the TGP Dress Codes. It will make you look sharp and feel good about yourself.
This is the reason why there are no ugly Triskelions. Walang pangit na Triskelion.

Principle XI: A Triskelion is a hard-working tenacious competitor.

Explanation: This is a literal meaning. A Triskelion never easily gives up but has the judgement to know when to cut his loses. He knows how to re-group and look into himself and come up with better ways to approach problems. He is also a risk taker but avoids un-necessary risk. Kick the procrastination habit.

Principle XII: Remembrance. February 13 is Tau Gamma Phi Remembrance Day.. Remember the fallen and those who gently passed away.
Explanation: Self explanatory.

Principle XIII: The Tau Gamma Phi Multiplication Principle means Triskelions multiply. Everyday is recruitment day.

Explanation: Triskelions multiply.Our population should always go up. Recruitment is a never ending thing in Tau Gamma. Tau Gamma promises a successful career, lifelong frienships, and a good life.We share its benefits to the World and it is free.

Principle XIV: The Tau Gamma Phi demands the best of every Triskelion in his field of interest and endeavor and accepts nothing less.
Explanation: Means what it says plus if you do a half-hearted work, you are just fooling yourself. If you do bad work, people would untimately know and that is the end of your career. Bad work is triskelion unbecomming. If you are a Triskelion, you are expected to do excellent work.

Principle XV: Every Triskelion deserves the respect of other Triskelions. It is a right.

Explanation: Acceptance into the Order of Triskelions is an accomplishment. Give respect to all fellow Triskelions even if there is a difference of opinion. Live and Let Live.

Principle XVI: A Triskelion shall use other people’s money to further his agenda;. but he pays back what he borrows.

Explanation: Borrowing other people’s money and investing it wisely is a multiplier of your financial capacity. Pay back what you owe so the money will be there the next time you need it.

Principle XVII: Delegation. A Triskelion shall inspire other people to further his agenda. This is includes hiring, influencing, delegating other people to attain your goal.

Explanation: Get other people to supplement the skills you do not have. Surround yourself with specialists. A Triskelion is the brain, the one who determines what is to be done and tells it to his subordinates. A Triskelion is the employer, not the employee. He is the landlord, not the renter. He is the Congressman, not the assistant of some lousy congressman.

Principle XVIII : A Triskelion shall communicate, coordinate, join forces with other Triskelions and Triskelion entities.

Explanation: Before school, in school, after school , or out of school, report to TGP groups,chapters, Councils, or TGP internet groups. Tau Gamma Phi is a Triskelions’ resource.

Principle XIX: Differences. At the end of the day, all Triskelions all over the world stand united. Triskelions do not fight other Triskelions.

Explanation: Means what it says. Ideas and proposals shall be debated, challenged for the good of the Frat. And what is good for the Frat shall always prevail. After the fire, comes the gold and we forget the arguments and be brothers united.

Principle XX: A Triskelion helps another Triskelion in need and expects nothing back.

Explanation: A Triskelion helps a brod in need and when that brod in need overcomes his dire situation, he will help other brods in the same situation he was originally in and so forth and so on. And this should be in the spirit of the Frat as we are Brothers.

Principle XXI: A Triskelion learns from his mistakes and he never commit it twice.

Explanation: A mistake is a learning experience for a Triskelion. When he is down, he never panics, whine, complaint, or blames other people. But rather, he picks himself up,
Thinks, and gets back to work as if nothing happened.

Principle XXII: A Triskelion is like chess player, he’s three steps ahead.

Explanation: Planning is the first step in achieving your goal. A Triskelion writes what we wants to accomplish and develops long term and short term strategies to reach that goal.. A Triskelion is both a thinker and a doer, a strategist and an excellent tactician. He can adapt to situations and change the situations to his advantage.

Principle XXIII A Triskelion prays at least once a day.

Explanation: Pray to whoever god you want to pray. Tau Gamma Phi believes in the existence of a Supreme Being but is not a religion. To whom you pray is none of the fraternities' business.

Principle XXIV : A Triskelion should amass Wealth. It’s a virtue.

Explanation: Self-explanatory. No Triskelion is poor. He’s not lazy. He’s not a helpless cry baby nor a hopeless pessimist but rather an optimist, a problem solver and makes the best use of what he has.

Principle XXV: A Triskelion picks his battles to win his war. He takes the initiative if there is a gain. He is cunning, calculating but never arrogant and never rush to judgement. He uses his intellect ratther than force.

Explanation: A Triskelion is wise and calculating. The Mind of a Triskelion is stronger than his physical strenght, the outer Fortis. A Triskelion has a Silent Moment. That is the time he thinks deeply.

Principle XXVI Common sense.

Explanation: Use your head.

With the help of the Almighty God, we live by these Tau Gamma Principles, Tenets and Codes of Conduct, the sources of our strength and power.



The Tau Gamma Phi Small Business Startup Guide

How to start a Triskelion small business by the Tau Gamma Phi

1) Choose your interest, skill, or something you enjoy doing.

2) Build clients by volunteering your services to prospective clients/existing businesses so you gain experience, referrals, and mastery of the trade.

3) Pass out business cards, fliers and launch a simple website. Be aggressive
In letting the world know of your product or service.

4) Seek assistance and counsel from fellow Triskelions, as they are more than willing to help.

5) Constantly practice and do research in your field of endeavor.

6) Get a business permit with your business name.from the city you are in.

7) Marketing is key. Hassle for orders, contracts, customers; and don’t lose any.of them.

8) Make sure you only send out good products and only do good work.

9) Do it today.

Long Live Tau Gamma Phi!!!

Drafted by: aka GenghisKhan1968, Tau Gamma Phi






Almighty God bless this brotherhood of ours
so that we succed in all its endeavors,
enlighten and strengthen of our triskelion
grand council secretary for then to maintain
the highest standard of decision and making
for a better success for tau gamma phi
fraternity and sorority AMEN


A Triskelion's Prayer

Almighty Father, give us the strenght and wisdom
To do great things for your greater glory. Give us the understanding and free will to become good soldiers of yours;
Help us be the best we can be;
for we know that you are the true conglomeration of the
dynamic Forces of the Universe; the conglomeration,
we and our Brother Jesus Christ were derived from.
We thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon us and
shall give us.
Continue shielding us from our adversaries.
Strenghten our unity, so all Triskelions paddle in One Direction, as we are one Family, One Spirit, and One Fraternity.
We respect You; we honor You, the True Supreme Being, Master of the Universe. Give Guidance to your Chosen Fraternity, the supreme fraternity, the TAU GAMMA PHI.
These I believe and ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in Union with the Holy Spirit. Amen.(sign of the cross)

by: Brod. GenghisKhan1968, UP Diliman Chapter

The Tau Gamma Leadership Principles

1. A Triskelion leader never desire to lead but to serve.
2. Triskelion leaders are original.
3. Triskelion leaders grow leaders.
4. Triskelion leaders lead themselves first; in doing so, they inspire others.
5. Triskelion leaders are God-centered.
6. Position doesn’t make a man a leader; True Triskelion Courage does.
7. Leadership demands personal sacrifice.
8. Triskelion leaders are independent and tactical thinkers, they master, control and discipline themselves.
9. Triskelion leaders are never intimidated.
10. Triskelion leaders know who they are.
11. Triskelion leaders are constantly seeking for wisdom and knowledge. Therefore if you desire to be a great and effective leader, you must give yourself to the study and never graduate from the University of Life.
12. Triskelion leaders speak their knowledge at the right time, in the right words, to the right person.
13. Triskelion leaders know where to draw strength. For years and years I used to pray for strength but never received an ounce of it. Why? Because all the strength I ever needed are already in me.
14. Triskelion leaders are not afraid of rejection and criticism. They are not discouraged by them.
15. A Triskelion leader's life becomes the property of those he serves.
16. Leadership is the ability to control knowledge and power.



The Twelve Great Reasons to join the Tau Gamma Phi


1) You get a Lifetime Genuine Comaraderie and Friendship with the Brods and Sis'.

2) Tau Gamma Phi is an international fraternity. Be a part of an organization with a vast network of members from a multitude of professions and walks of life.

3) Tau Gamma Phi is the place to develop your communication skills both oral and written.

4) Excellence in the arts and sciences.

5) Tau Gamma Phi is the place to learn to be the Best, the Biggest, the Highest in anything you want to do.

6) Tau Gamma Phi is the place to develop your leadership skills in preparation for the real world.

7) Tau Gamma Phi is the repository of core values and pratical principles; essential to attain a successful career, vital to become a pillar of the community, and necessary to become the Master of your own World.

8) Membership to the Triskelions Grand Fraternity gives you a unique oppurtunity to participate in Fraternity sponsored civic and social events, including but not limited to balls, teach-ins, or just plain bonding around.

9) Membership to Tau Gamma Phi makes you a part of an organization with a Wealth of Traditions.

10) You become a member of the fastest growing Fraternity in the world, something that you can be proud of.

11) It is the place to get some Character and Personality.

12) Discipline and Mental Toughness.

Drafted by: aka GenghisKhan1968, Tau Gamma Phi


Tau Gamma Phi Oath of Allegiance

adopted from the People of the Philippines; Panatang Makabayan-Old version

Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas.
Ito ang aking lupang sinilangan.
Ito ang tahanan ng aking lahi.
Ako’y kanyang kinukupkop at tinutulungan,
Upang maging malakas, maligaya at kapakipakinabang.

Bilang ganti ay diringgin ko ang payo ng aking mga magulang.
Susundin ko ang mga tuntunin ng aking paaralan.
Tutuparin ko ang tungkulin ng isang mamamayang makabayan at masunurin sa batas.

Paglilingkuran ko ang aking bayan nang walang pag-iimbot at nang buong katapatan.
Sisikapin kong maging isang tunay na Pilipino,
sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!! Mabuhay ang Tau Gamma Phi!!!

The Qualities of a Good Triskelion.


1) Moderation in action, thought or feelings. We are reminded of the letter L in the Code of Conduct.

2) Accountability and trustworthiness. We must be responsible and held accountable for all our actions.

3) Honesty, morality and uprightness. We must be true to ourselves and to the ideals that we stand for and must
be genuine to others that we serve.

4) Renunciation of self for the sake of others. With self-denial, we are encouraged to give something without
expecting anything in return, not only for the sake of our brothers and
sisters but also for the sake of others.

5) Wisdom and understanding. We are constantly reminded to seek wisdom because it is only through knowledge
that we can understand the people and the world around us.

6) Unblemished and flawless. We must live and lead by example for how do we expect others to follow if we are
immoral and corrupt.

7) Devotion and allegiance to God and Fraternity. A sacred duty to serve God, first and foremost, and the
Fraternity bind us. For without God and the Fraternity, we are nothing.

8) A Triskelion is Pure, sacred and whole. Our intentions must be transparent to all and clear to everyone, and above all
personal motives and self-serving ambitions.

9) A Triskelion is Tolerant, impartial and compassionate. We do not profess to have a monopoly of ideas and ideals.
We must respect the feelings and the rights of others.

10) Love of country. We cannot turn a deaf ear to the needs and aspirations of our country and people for we are the people.


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